German High-Tech company Zeisberg CNC-Systems starts with a vital office in their new building

Ergonomics and Feng Shui work together to form a healthy workplace

First class service and maintenance of high-tech CNC-Systems is Zeisberg’s main business field. ( And the family driven company located in Hofheim, near Frankfurt values its well trained, experienced and skilled co-workers. With the move to their new building everything should be perfect. A Feng Shui consultant was hired who worked out direction and color scheme for each room, department and co-worker. Subsequently Vital-Office was chosen to supply ergonomic desks and acoustic panel blinds to complete a healthy workplace. All workstations are height adjustable up to stand-up height and have a protection screen in front. Also all cables are properly handled and the CPU is covered from behind to prevent this often seen cable chaos behind ordinary desks.

Security and Privacy are basic human needs and are preconditions for healthy workplaces.

The principle applied in an office is really simple. Up front: All you need and all your ancestors looked for is a secure place to live. Just as your ancestors in a dangerous environment once looked for a good backing, so do you unconsciously do the same. Therefore a secure workplace is a precondition for any further development and exposure of your qualities at work. The preference for privacy is slightly more sophisticated. Privacy is more than security, and it implies a secured space for your individuality. If you lack security and privacy at your workplace (e.g. through bad furniture design and office planning) you unconsciously establish alternate security domains around your workplace through your behavior. Some of these behaviors are aggressive, deviant, elusive, threatening, antisocial, defensive, incommunicative, arrogant, and reserved. This behavior is not helpful in an organization and it in fact stifles efficiency and competitiveness. These behaviors may cause long term harm to the individual. On the contrary, a secure ergonomic workplace environment can foster open communication and social intelligence for new ideas and better competiveness while at the same time providing more quality of life at work at Zeisberg’s new office.

The Office has a long time effect on inhabitants health:

Zeisberg asked why it is so important to take good care of an ergonomic healthy office. The office is a working environment with many physical and psychological demands, challenges, and stresses which have a long-term effect on the person working in an office. These demands, challenges, and stresses in offices can cause psychological problems and physical ailments. A meticulous and holistic design of the working environment, however, can promote creativeness and significantly contribute to the wellbeing of body and mind.

Feng Shui and ergonomics demand stand-up desks:

Yin and Yang is the basis of all Feng Shui teaching. The Yin-Yang symbol itself, however, represents the dynamic of the eternal process of transformation (birth – growth – maturity – decay). Yin Yang is the motor of development, the dynamic force in the universe. In most offices we need this constant motion to keep the business profitable. E.g. planning is Yin and communication is Yang. Planning usually is done seated and communication while standing. Bodily activity also maintains flexibility in mind. Consequently workplaces with the option to work stand-up (e.g. with motor driven stand-up desks) are more healthier and more profitable.

Stimulating motifs structure window facades

Zeisberg also decided to use the Vital-Office acoustic-panel-blinds which absorb sound and reduce the reverberation time while at the same time are transparent and painted with stimulating motifs. The Vital-Office acoustic-panel-blinds are used to stimulate the Feng Shui elements in a room while at the same tim

e providing sound absorption. The new developed energetic Vital-Office motifs according to sacred geometry are artfully painted in 5 colors, representing all 5 Feng Shui elements.

Vital Office has committed itself to the motivation and health of office-workers.  Providing comfort, security and optimal physiological support in the working sphere. Vital-Office products represent an advancement of ergonomics- a relevant factor for a vital and healthy workplace. More information at


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