Project: H.C. Starck
In this project the new headquarter in Munich was planned and equipped with ergonomic Vital-Office furniture.

Project H.C. Starck

Separate office rooms fulfill best the requirements for concentration at work, which the high qualified leading employees at the headquarter require. A first study showed that with rounded anthropometric Vital-Office deskshapes more versatile and more flexible layouts are possible. An additional effect is, that more desk top space is available to the user, which at the same time needs less office space.

Project: artundweise
Vital-Office was hired in advance to plan their new creative open space environment

Project artundweise open space office

Vital-Office analyzed fundamental ergonomic principles and their correlations to health, vitality and motivation. Thus leading to a holistic ergonomic concept which included architectural design and room partitioning, healthy light installation, sound absorbing acoustic panels and height adjustable desk with ecological and healthy tops out of bamboo hard wood.

Project: Kärcher (China)
Vital-Office was choosen because of better concept and competitive price

Project Kärcher China semi open space office

In a semi open space, which was decided by the headquarter to enhance collaboration, the limits of traditional furniture systems lead to less ergonomics, health and productivity. On the other hand, our alternate planning with the Vital-Office concept fits perfect to the requirements. German engineered quality, produced in China even allowed budget to choose healthy solid wood bamboo desk tops.

Project: Green Queen (China)
First wholly Chinese Origin company choose Vital-Office concept and furniture

Project Green Queen China semi open space office

(please wait for Update: project photos are taken right now).

This project really was challenging. The room sizes were unusual in size and needed to fit up to 6 staff plus 1 supervisor. While planning our architects were as surprised as the customer by the flexibility and variations possible with our concept and furniture.  The customer produces bamboo textiles and therefore choose all furniture in Bamboo solid wood, healthy oiled with German engineered technique brought to China.

Project: Optima packaging group (China)
First project in China with Vital-Office concept and newly developed system furniture

Project Optima packaging group Shanghai open space office

Optima is a German origin packaging machine production company and choose to plan and design their new office building in Shanghai with Vital-Office. The task was holistic and needed experience and on-site research on special requirements for engineer's workplaces and Chinese staff.

Project: Optima packaging group (France)
A budget project with height adjustable desks and large table tops.

Project Optima packaging group france group office

Why do many buyers think that a Vital-Office is too expensive for their budget? Ok. Larger tops and height adjustability costs more money than a small top with something underneath to hold it. But compared to equivalent standard furniture including this features our products are competitive. The advantage: More space efficient, more flexible, better ergonomic placements and much more.

German High-Tech company Zeisberg CNC-Systems starts with a vital office in their new building

Ergonomics and Feng Shui work together to form a healthy workplace First class service and maintenance of high-tech CNC-Systems is Zeisberg’s main business field. ( And the family driven company located in Hofheim, near Frankfurt values its well trained, experienced and skilled co-workers. With the move to their new building everything should be perfect. ...

Other projects and planning

Here you find inspirations of many more projects and planning with our Vital-Office concept.

Other Projects

ALTATEC GmbH (Camlog), Wimsheim bei Stuttgart
Andersson-Recycling, Hilden
artundweise GmbH,
Aspecta Lebensversicherungen, HDI-Gerling AG
Baugemeinschaft Ettlingen e.G.
BKK Demag AG Duisburg, München, uvm.
BLSG Business Launch Support Grinninger, Ingolstadt
bmp greengas GmbH, 80339 München
Conciliat, Personalberatung, Stuttgart
Decolight, Karlsbad
Digel, Hell & Partner, Steuerberatung / Wirtschaftprüfung, Pforzheim
Dipl. Psychologe Robert Betz, Autor + Cornelia Hempfling, München
Dipl.-Ing. Barbara Jurk, Freie Innenarchitektin, Frankfurt + Mallorca
Dreher Automation, Sulz
DREHTAINER GmbH, Spezialcontainer für die Wehrtechnik, Valluhn MegaPark
EBS Entsorgungsbetriebe Solingen
Enayati GmbH & Co. KG Oberflächen- und Anlagentechnik, Birkenfeld
Eurofoam, Wiesbaden
Frank Türen AG, Buochs
Georg Fischer AG, Mettmann
H.C. Starck Konzern, Goslar, München
H+W Mechatronik GmbH Sicherheitssysteme, Neu-Ulm
Handtmann Unternehmensgruppe, Bieberach
Heber Fördertechnik, Oberessendorf
Hohenstein Institut für Textilinnovation, Schloss Hohenstein
HPI Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Softwaresystemtechnik GmbH,Potsdam
HQ GPO Global/Prime Office Centre Ville Montreal
IOP Publishing, München
Jens Bormann Recycling, Püttlingen
joker-jeans, Bönnigheim
Justiz- und Umweltministerium Brandenburg
Kärcher cleaning equipment, Changshu
Karcher Steuerberatung, Gaggenau
Kreissparkasse Biberach
Lehmann Engineering GmbH, Osthofen,
Link & Rotter Soz. Rechtsanwälte, Pforzheim
LnB GmbH -Roland Liebscher-Bracht, Bad Homburg,
Lohnsteuerhilfe Bayern e.V., München
März Motoradhandel, Ettlingen
MORAVAN® Warenhandels GmbH, München
Oficina de Representación en Espana de Raiffeisenbank Kleinwalsertal AG, Mallorca
Ökoland GmbH Nord Vertriebsgesellschaft für ökologische Erzeugnisse, Wunstorf
Optima packaging group, France
Optima packaging group, Schwäbisch Hall
Optima packaging group, Shanghai
Pixelgenau GmbH, Frankfurt
Pro-Activ Versicherungen
pr-tronik elektronik handels gmbh
Rechtsanwälte Scholz & Partner, Karlsruhe
Rena Sondermaschinenbau, Furtwangen
Rheinmetall AG Hannover
Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
service innovation group - London + Paris + Wien + Ettlingen
SoftwareONE, München
Steininger Straßenbauprodukte, Karlsbad
Steuerberater Kallbach, Münster
Steuerberatungssozietät Färber Kapp Schwab, Oftersheim
Südw. Bauberufsgenossenschaft, Karlsruhe
Taller connects, Waldbronn
Thyssen Alpha, München
Vector Informatik GmbH Stuttgart
VSPB Verband Schweizerischer Polizeibeamter
Werner Liegenschaftsverwaltung GmbH & Co.KG, Schriesheim
Zeisberg CNC-Systems, Hofheim


26.04.2010 Dear Mr. Jordan, I am happy that I came to your show-room. From brochure I would have chosen a white desk, but after I have seen the hardwood bamboo tops in your show room .. my office is beautiful know. Jörg Lehmann Geschäftsführer, Lehmann engineering

Question: How is the furniture and the design concept accepted from your co-workers?
Hello Mr. Jordan, I have the impression: very very well. It is an office for well-being. And not only with the co-workers - all, who have to do with (landlord, caretaker, agent of the real estate agency, craftsman, Telekom coworker etc. etc.) all were inspired and surprised. The complete office is - compared with other offices in the building - extraordinary and therefore is preferably used as a reference in order to show it to future tenants from other lofts. Many greetings Gerlinde Jones, artundweise GmbH, agency for digital communication Konsul Schmidt Str. 8L, 28217 Bremen

Hello Mr. Jordan, first simply: THANKS. because everything went so fast and uncomplicatedly. The design bar for the Powerlift is so beautifully - now Design and stability fit. (Thanks that you recommended this solution to me). For my feeling all of your furniture has a history, a personality, aesthetics. A successful combination of function, fastidious Design and solid craftmanship. Each time this inspires me again again, Peter is now also convinced. Instead of seeing furnitureonly functionally, he for the first time sees office furniture emotional. He is completely enthusiasticall about the bamboo top. He finds the acoustic screens like me a successful idea. And both we are pleased like children at Christmas about our beautiful new office. Ulrike Benne, Peter's office, 71126 Gäufelden

Good day Mr. Jordan, Thank you for the punctual and high-quality supply of my office furniture. I am very inspired by the optics and the quality of craftmanship. My customers and visitor register and praise now, without knowing about Feng Shui, the positive atmosphere in the new office and feel very well. I had my old office also aligned according to Feng Shui, but with the new Vital-Office furniture it is now much better! Gladly I continue to recommend your company. Yours sincerely! Heiderose Marte-Lowe Organisations- und Personalberatung Marte-Lowe & Partner

Dear Mr. Jordan, I wish you also a good year 2008. I am very content with furniture as well as with the true-light. I would like to thank you for the competent consultation. I wish you for your enterprise all the best. Many greetings Cordula Schulz, Schulz Pharma Druck GmbH

Dear Mr. Jordan, thank you for the super amazing office furniture!! At my new desk I felt well immediately! Class work. Many greetings Michaela Zein MediaAgentur Zein, 04463 Grosspösna